Physical Therapy Patient Portal

Meet meaningful use and increase patient engagement

Use of our EHR-integrated Physical Therapy Patient Portal consistently leads to higher productivity and a more efficient use of staff resources by moving time-consuming administrative tasks online. It also allows providers to increase patient engagement and attest for Meaningful Use.

Patient Portal Features

  • Let patients view, download and transmit their health data electronically.
  • Communicate with patients securely online.
  • Take appointment requests from patients.
  • Receive and reply to prescription refill requests.
  • Let patients fill out forms and complete the intake process online.
  • Make lab and test results readily available to patients.
  • Provide patients the ability to pay their bills online.

Patient Portal Benefits

  • Run a more productive and efficient practice.
  • Decrease data input time and data entry errors.
  • Reduce the volume of incoming phone calls.
  • Improve patient engagement and satisfaction.

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